In the Drones and Robots for Ecologically Sustainable Societies (DRESS) project, we are currently preparing to conduct interoperability tests on drone traffic management at the Fukushima Robot Test Field, as part of our R&D effort.

As the first step, we have released the API specifications of the "Drone Traffic Management System."

By using the API, domestic and foreign drone operators who have not participated in the NEDO project will be able to conduct interoperability tests with Drone Traffic Management System at the Fukushima robot test field.


Drone Traffic Management System

In the Drones and Robots for Ecologically Sustainable Societies (DRESS) project , there is an "R&D for Drone Traffic Management System" for ensuring safe drone operation.

The "Drone Traffic Management System" is a system that provides collision avoidance support when various drone operators fly their drones in the same airspace and safe traffic control considering the terrain and weather conditions.

Drone Traffic Management System API

The following two functions can be used when connected to the Drone Traffic Management System API. This API also allows you to participate in the interoperability tests that are being conducted as part of the DRESS project at the Fukushima Robot Test Field. Consider using this API if you plan on verifying safety measures for drone operation.

(1) Sharing drone flight information

Safe drone flights can be achieved by sharing flight information of drones flown by multiple operators and receiving warnings and airspace information.
• You can check that your flight plans do not interfere with the flight plans of other operators.
• You can share your drone's real-time position with other operators for safe drone operation.
• You can receive alerts when there is a dangerous situation and implement countermeasures.
• You can refer to and utilize airspace information for safe drone operation.

(2) Understanding drone flight conditions (terrain and weather)

You can fly your drones safely by using this API to receive 3D terrain information for the Fukushima Robot Test Field and surrounding area and detailed weather (wind and rain) information for drones.

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